-The Functional Medicine MD-
Your Premier Provider of Functional Medicine and IV Hydration Services
in Knox, Anderson, & Blount Counties.

- The Functional Medicine MD -

Your Premier Provider of Functional Medicine
and IV Hydration Services in Knox, Anderson,
& Blount Counties.

We help you to live the vibrant life that you dream of, each and every day.

Experience the advantage of Natural Health through Functional Medicine and IV Therapy Services

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The Functional Medicine MD is the Premier Functional Medicine and IV Therapy Clinic in Knox, Anderson, and Blount Counties.

The Functional Medicine MD was founded in 2018 by Dr. Lela Iduna – a Yale-trained Medical Doctor and IFM certified functional medicine practitioner with over 25 years of experience in medicine. 

In traditional medicine, we determine a diagnosis based on the symptom(s) and match a pill to it. In Functional Medicine, we compare this method to spraying the spots on the leaves of a tree. Conversely, the functional medicine approach looks at the root cause of the disease.

Focusing on the root cause means looking at the “soil” and the “root system”. What is causing the spots on the leaves?  Is the soil healthy – filled with nutrients and free from germs and toxins? Are the roots strong and able to absorb the nutrients? When we fix the soil and the root system, we fix the spots on the leaves and don’t need to keep spraying.

This looking at the root cause model is applied to all “diseases,” from a common cold to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer – resulting in a more thorough treatment.

Our Services

The Functional Medicine MD offers a full range of wellness-optimizing services, including functional medicine treatments and tests (ANS testing, Nitric Oxide testing, early cancer detection with RGCC, Lyme testing with IGeneX), IV Hydration Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Stem Cell Injections, Argentyn 23 Hydrosol Silver Therapy and extensive lab work options.

"Functional Medicine is amazing as practiced by Dr. Lela Iduna! After only 3 months of treatment and diet I was able to clear a sluggish liver metabolism and with supplements and diet, my A1c went down 3 points. Thank you Dr. Lela!"

How Our Process Works

Step 1

Contact Our Office

First, reach out to our office at 865-275-5024 to set up your initial appointment. Dr. Lela also offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to explore if functional medicine is right for you.

Step 2

Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, Dr. Iduna will take a detailed health history and go over your forms and make recommendations for testing – which can be completed during your initial visit.

Step 3

Customize Your Health Plan

Two weeks after your initial appointment, you will meet again with Dr. Iduna to review the results of your tests and determine a personalized treatment plan that will help you reach your health goals as quickly as possible using natural methods.

We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Lela to see if functional medicine and IV therapy can help you live a vibrant, pain-free life.

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Health is not simply the absence of disease.

Health is the perfect balance a system, creating a sense of well being. This cannot be accomplished by treating each symptom in isolation to the rest of the system or waiting till we cannot deal with the symptom and it is limiting our capacity to function fully.

The human body is a complex system with many parts, each one interconnected to the other by several pathways. 

If one pathway breaks down, there are several others still supporting the body to function. Much like several pillars holding up a bridge, when several of the foundational pillars are damaged, the integrity of the bridge become compromised. Similarly, when the human body starts showing obvious signs of disease, several foundational pathways have been compromised, now making it urgent to seek help.

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Healing and repairing these base pillars is thus the striving of functional or integrative medicine, before they cause a devastating problem. We partner with you to stay healthy and live life the best you can!

Natural Functional Medicine and IV Therapy Options

Functional Medicine

Integrative, Natural Health

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, like looking at the roots of a tree. This form of treatment focuses on using natural methods to bring about fast and long lasting health.

Functional Testing

Prevent Disease Before it Happens

Wouldn’t you rather know if you were on the road to poor health as soon as possible? Functional Testing is comprised of several simple and unique testing methods that can detect the likelihood of serious health issues before they manifest.

IV Hydration Therapy

Feel Great, Optimize Performance

Much more than just a MediSpa experience. Our IV Hydration Therapy introduces vital nutrients swiftly into your body in a way that is simple to absorb. Each infusion is tailored to your body’s unique needs. You’ll definitely come back again.

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