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Meet Dr. Iduna

Dr. Lela Iduna completed her Internal Medicine training at Yale New Haven Hospital and is also certified in Emergency Medicine. She is currently on staff at OSF St. Anthony’s in Rockford in the Emergency department.

During her 25 years of experience, Dr. Iduna noticed that subtle symptoms are often overlooked, leading to more acute healthcare emergencies.

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This led her to seek out the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2010. She began this in depth training for practitioners to look for, evaluate and treat the root cause of an illness. She became certified by IFM as a functional medicine practitioner in 2015.

Dr. Iduna also enjoys creating healthy meals and daily meditation to bring balance to her life.

Meet Our Registered Nurse Kim

I started out my medical journey as a first responder on a volunteer fire department.
After I graduated nursing school, I worked as an Emergency Room nurse for seven years at Swedish American in Rockford. Later, our family moved to Harvard and I worked at all three Centegra locations over the last four years. 

I have 11 years of experience in emergency nursing and have loved every minute of it. However, I was looking for a job that got to the root cause of health issues, not just put a Band-Aid on the problem. I’m happy that I found Dr. Iduna and the work she is doing. It is for fulfilling to come to work every day and see patients getting the results they are really looking for.

Meet Dr. Wanda Rossan, DN

I was born in Poland, where, in 1970 I received MS in Sociology. I arrived in the USA in 1971, and in 1989 I received a degree in English, and taught English and other languages in several junior colleges.

Natural medicine has also always been one of my passions, so in 2004 I became a Board Certified doctor of Naprapathy. Along with many other CEUs, I’ve added breast thermography (Board Certified in 2008) as one of the services offered to my patients.

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