Executive Stress
(Adrenal Support)

Feeling worn out or stressed? Give your nervous system a boost and get back to feeling your best with our Executive Stress IV Therapy!

When the nervous system is faced with large amounts of stress, it can have a dramatic effect on every other system in the body. The adrenal glands play an important role in the regulation of stress hormones. And they often become unbalanced as a result of prolonged or excessive worry and emotional strain.

So if you’re experiencing common symptoms of adrenal fatigue such as:

  • mental fog
  • body aches
  • depressed mood
  • anxiety
  • physical and mental exhaustion

…our Executive Stress IV therapy is for you. 

Chronic stress also causes more free radicals that amplify inflammation, accelerate the aging process, and can even lead to chronic disease. Plus, being overworked can lead to decreased intestinal absorption of nutrients from your diet.

And because IV therapy delivers 100% of these nutrients directly to the bloodstream, your body is able to make the most of them right away.

The unique blend of antioxidants and powerful stress-soothing vitamins in our Executive Stress IV therapy is specially formulated to support overworked adrenal glands…So your mind and body are calm, relaxed, and ready to take on the day!

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