Alzheimer's & Dementia & Hyperbarics

Advancements in Alzheimer's Disease Management

Alzheimer’s disease leads to brain shrinkage and cell loss, causing progressive decline in thinking and behavior. It’s the top cause of dementia, affecting independence. In 2020, 5.8 million Americans had Alzheimer’s; by 2060, it’s predicted to reach 14 million. There’s no cure yet, and traditional treatments offer only temporary relief.

Enhanced Performance

• Enhanced Concentration
• Improved Attention
• Increased Memory

Mental Health & Wellness

• Enhances Memory And Mental Performance
• Develops & Regains Cognitive/Motor Functions
• Stimulates Neuroplasticity
• Enhances Executive Function
• Improves Brain Blood Flow
• Lowers Chronic Cortisol Levels
• Supports A More Balanced & Healthy Stress Response

Improved Quality of Life

• Angiogenesis
• Appetite Improvement
• Better Sleep
• Ease of Conversation
• Enhanced Tissue Repair
• Improved Gross Motor Function And Ability
• Increase In Ability To Perform Activities of Daily Living
• Induces Angiogenesis To Mobilize Blood Flow To Affected Tissue And Bone
• Lower Incidence of Disorientation And Frustration
• Reduced Anxiety
• Stem Cell Proliferation

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