Autoimmune & Hyperbarics

Combatting Autoimmune Challenges

Autoimmune diseases affect 1 in 10 people globally, impacting both genders. These conditions, including Type 1 diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, disrupt normal body functions by attacking healthy cells. Shared risk factors or genetic predispositions often link these diseases, sometimes leading to multiple conditions in one person.

While there’s no cure, managing symptoms is crucial. Hyperbaric therapy, a non-invasive option, holds promise in reducing inflammation and pain, improving life quality, and complementing other treatments for autoimmune conditions.

Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

• Chronic Fatigue
• Generalized Aches And Malaise
• Brain Fog
• Hair Loss
• Numbness & Tingling

Effect On Immune System

• Enhanced Healing of Infections
• Repair of Damaged Tissue
• Increases Oxygen Concentration In Tissues Helping Resist Infections
• Improves Ability of White Blood Cells To Fight And Destroy Invaders

Inflammation & Pain

• Decreases Acute And Chronic Inflammation
• Equally Effective As Aspirin In Decreasing Joint Inflammation, Hypersensitivity & Pain
• Increases Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines
• Reduces Swelling
• Remediates Inflammatory Arthritis
• Decreases C-Reactive Protein Levels (Substance Produced In The Liver In Response To Inflammation)

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