Cancer & Hyperbarics

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Cancer affects millions and causes many deaths each year, prompting the use of new methods like hyperbaric therapy alongside standard treatments. By boosting oxygen levels, this therapy weakens tumors and helps ease the harsh effects of cancer treatments. Hyperbaric therapy can also increase the positive effectiveness of intravenous Vitamin C.

Cancer Prevention

• Decreases Inflammatory Markers
• Normalizes Intracellular Oxygen Levels
• Stimulates Cellular Detoxification
• Reduces Risk of Pathogenic Inflammatory-Related Tumors
• Supports Cellular Energy Processes For Optimal Dna Repair

Mental Health & Wellness

• Enhances Memory And Mental Performance
• Develops & Regains Cognitive/Motor Functions

Enhance "Conventional" Cancer Therapies & Treatment

• Reduces Tumor Hypoxia
• Better Radiation Therapy Results
• Improves Chemotherapy Outcome
• Enhances Brain Treatment
• Decreases Tumor Drug Resistance
• Allows For Optimal Therapy Dosage To Be Attained

Reduce Side Effects of "Conventional" Cancer Therapies & Treatment

• Reduces Radiation Therapy Side Effects
• Decreases Chemotherapy Side Effects
• Accelerates Post-Operative Healing & Prevents Infection
• Reduces Chemo-Brain Syndrome Symptoms

Increase Natural Killer Cell Activity And Function

• Increases Oxy-Radical Production
• Amplifies Apoptosis Effect
• Regresses Tumor Volume

Reduce Tumour Aggressiveness

• Weakens Hypoxic Tumors
• Targets Metastatic Tumors
• Stimulates Neuroplasticity
• Enhances Executive Function

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