Adjunct to
Cancer Treatment

Support immune function and reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
with our Adjunct to Cancer Treatment IV Therapy.

Most conventional cancer treatments damage both cancer cells and normal, healthy cells – resulting in symptoms like fatigue, anemia, insomnia, and suppression of the immune system. This powerful infusion is for those who want to improve overall immune function and alleviate the damaging side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

This specially formulated combination of B vitamins, glutathione, Vitamin C, and other powerful vitamins and antioxidants strengthen the immune system by:

  • stimulating white blood cell production
  • boosting detoxification
  • targeting and neutralizing free radicals
  • reducing inflammation
  • protecting healthy cells
  • mitigating side effects of conventional cancer treatments
  • improving mood & energy
  • supporting DNA, neurotransmitter, & cellular function

Studies have found that oncology patients who receive Vitamin C supplementation typically experience better outcomes (including slower progression of disease and less severe side effects) when compared to patients who do not.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to absorb the levels of Vitamin C required through diet alone. However, intravenous administration of high dose Vitamin C bypasses intestinal regulation, allowing significantly more efficient absorption of this powerful antioxidant. And, research has shown that IV Vitamin C produces higher blood levels that last significantly longer than when administered orally.

Our Adjunct to Cancer Treatment IV Therapy is safe to receive in addition to treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. The premium blend of immune-boosting elements in this infusion produces a calming effect and can even improve appetite.

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