Fertility & Hyperbarics

A Promising Approach for Fertility Challenges

Infertility affects many worldwide, with 6.1 million U.S. women facing challenges in conceiving. Both genders can encounter hurdles, split between male, female, or combined factors. Current fertility options often involve expensive procedures or hormone-altering drugs with notable side effects and costs. Recent research suggests a non-invasive alternative: hyperbaric therapy.

Hyperbaric Therapy & Vascularization

• Creates New Blood Vessels
• Provides Adequate Vascularization of The Endometrium
• Enhances Arterial & Venous Blood Flow

Female Fertility

• Decreases Inflammation Caused By Endometriosis
• Improves Endometrial Oxygenation
• Improves Ovarian Angiogenesis
• Stimulates Cell Division of Basal Endometrium
• Thickens The Endometrium

Male Fertility

• Decrease In Sperm Dna Fragmentation
• Improvement In Sperm Velocity
• Improves Erectile Function
• Increase In Sperm Count
• Increase In Sperm Mobility

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