Laser Pain Therapy

Laser Therapy for Fast, Non-Invasive Pain Relief

Laser therapy is a revolutionary approach to treating pain and inflammation! This treatment uses high-intensity medical lasers to penetrate deep into tissues and address the source of pain with specific wavelengths of light. Therapeutic effects of laser pain therapy include reduced pain and inflammation, improved mobility, and faster healing – with noticeable results in as little as one session.

Benefits of Laser Pain Therapy

  • Decreases inflammation and swelling giving you longer pain-free times
  • Increases growth of new blood vessels leading to accelerated healing
  • Activates your own stem cells to enhance the natural healing process
  • Stimulates and strengthens your immune system
  • Increases growth factors that stimulate new nerve generation
  • Improves collagen production and cartilage deposition
  • Increases vascular and metabolic activity
  • Reduces fibrous tissue formation (scars)
  • Targets trigger points and acupuncture points to reduce pain
  • Improves nerve function and stimulates nerve regeneration

Is Laser Pain Therapy Safe?

Laser pain therapy is an effective, non-invasive tool for addressing pain and inflammation and has been clinically shown to have excellent healing outcomes without harmful side effects. These therapeutic lasers deliver energy to the body via photons of light that reach deep into the tissue without causing damage or trauma to the area. Laser pain therapy is a safe alternative to addictive medications that only temporarily mask pain.

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What Conditions Does Laser Therapy Treat?

Laser therapy can be used for acute, neurogenic, and chronic pain issues including but not limited to:

  • Pain & Inflammation: Arthritis (OA, RA), Back / Low Back, Baker’s Cyst, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cervical/Neck, Edema, Effusion, Epicondylitis, Fasciitis /Fasciosis, Fibromyalgia, Foot and Ankle, Gout, Hallux Valgus, Hand/Wrist, Head, Hip, Hoffa’s Syndrome, Inflammation
  • InjuriesJoint, Knee, Muscle Spasms, Myofasciitis, Neuroma, Neuropathies, Parathesia, Post-Operative Pain, Psoriasis, Radiculopathy, Restricted Range of Motion, Sacroiliac, Sciatica, Shoulder, Tendonitis/Tendonopathies, Thoracic, TMJ/TMD, Trigger Point Pain
  • OthersHematomas, Ligament Tears, Meniscal Tears, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Prolapsed Disc, Ruptured Disc, Scar Healing, Shin Splints, Sports injuries, Sprains, Strains, Tendon Tears, Wound Healing, Diabetic Neuropathy, Edema

Laser Pain Therapy at The Functional Medicine MD

Call the office at 865-275-5024 for more information or to schedule your appointment! Each laser pain therapy session will last 12-15 minutes. In most cases, we recommend 6 sessions (once to twice weekly) for complete resolution of symptoms. Please remember to wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment so we can get to the areas that need help.
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