Plastic Surgery & Hyperbarics

Hyperbaric Therapy in Surgical Recovery

Whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, hyperbaric therapy offers non-invasive support, potentially speeding up healing and recovery. In plastic and reconstructive surgery, it’s proven beneficial, aiding wound healing, lowering infection risks, and enhancing tissue survival. It also may reduce post-surgery bruising, swelling, inflammation, and pain. Surgeons increasingly advise pre or postoperative HBOT to improve patient healing and results.

Physiological Benefits

• Quicker Healing
• Less Scarring, Bruising, Infection

Enhances Healing & Recovery

• Fewer Postoperative Complications
• Minimizes Pain & Discomfort
• Reduces Inflammation
• Reduces Swelling

Healing At The Cellular Level

• Enhances Collagen Production
• Improved Angiogenesis Enhancing Blood Flow To Tissue
• Induces Fibroblast Activation
• Promotes Anti Inflammatory Proteins
• Stimulates Bone Remodeling
• Stimulates Neovascularization And Vasodilation

Procedures That Can Benefit From Hyperbarics

• Liposuction
• Rhinoplasty
• Hair Transplants
• Fillers/Botox
• Breast Augmentation/Breast Lift
• Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Surgery
• Fat Transfers
• Tummy Tuck

Reduces Risk of Infection

• Elevates Phagocytosis To Above Normal Levels
• Enhances Microbial Activity
• Increases Intracellular Leukocytes

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