Initial functional medicine appointment - $300

Initial functional medicine evaluation is a 75 minute appointment where the doctor will take an in-depth history and decide which tests would be best to get to to the root cause of your disease. Initial dietary and supplement recommendations will be made based on that.

All follow up appointments - $100

At the first follow up appointment, all test results will be reviewed and further recommendations made based on the test results to get you started on your journey of health and healing. Further follow up appointments will be scheduled 6-12 weeks apart to monitor your progress.

Lab panel - $195

An extensive panel of blood tests, typically priced at $6000. Offered through The Functional Medicine MD for only $195 with any insurance. This test looks at the biochemistry of each cell in your body.

Lab Draw and Processing Fee - $25

IV Therapy - $175.

If these are right for you, the doctor will prescribe one.

Most IM injections (Vitamin D and Lipotropics) - $25-$40

If these are right for you, the doctor will recommend one

Stem cell injection – Prices available upon request

Microneedling – $300

Microneedling with PRP – $1000

We have not been accepted into an insurance network yet so we can’t bill your insurance. However, we do offer a “superbill” which you could submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.

We accept credit cards and health savings/flex spending cards.

We also offer Care Credit.

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