Here's what The Functional Medicine MD clients are saying:

See this patient’s testimonials at the beginning and the end of receiving Chelation Therapy:

The Functional Medicine MD was my first experience of an IV infusion. The office is super nice and homey. The next day I felt less achy. My friends and I noticed that my eyes literally looked brighter and more vibrant. I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit!

I had a very good experience at The Functional Medicine MD. Dr Iduna is great and the IV felt helpful. She also did some testing for vitamins and I was deficient in all of them. I've since changed the dosage and brand I was taking and I notice much improvement in how I feel. I trust the infusions are a simple long term way to support my health and I look forward to continuing them. I highly recommend this place for others.

Man Getting ANS Therapy

I felt mentally clearer and, it may sound weird, but I felt things inside on a cellular level. It's crazy!

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