Women's Health & Hyperbarics

Hyperbaric Therapy for Women's Health

Women’s health concerns differ from men’s due to unique biological factors, often overlooked in research. Hormones, beyond estrogen and progesterone, play a pivotal role in reproductive health and overall well-being. These messengers regulate various bodily functions, impacting metabolism, growth, stress response, and more.

Hyperbaric therapy elevates oxygen levels, aiding in reducing inflammation, boosting stem cell production, enhancing cognitive function, and complementing other therapies for holistic female health beyond reproduction.

Weight Management

• Improves Insulin Sensitivity
• Decreases Inflammation & Increases Metabolism
• Enhances Glucose & Lipid Metabolism In Skeletal Muscles
• Increases Overall Energy Levels


• Enhances Arterial & Venous Blood Flow
• Provides Adequate Vascularization To The Endometrium
• Thickens The Endometrium
• Stimulates Cell Division of Basal Endometrium

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

• Decrease Androgen Receptor Expression
• Reduces Overall Oxidative Stress
• Increase In Atretic Follicles


• Decreases Inflammation Caused By Endometrial Lesions
• Reduction In Overall Histopathological Scores
• Decreases Inflammation On The Nuclear Factor Kappa B Pathway

Mental Health & Wellness

• Enhances Memory And Mental Performance
• Develops & Regains Cognitive/Motor Functions
• Stimulates Neuroplasticity
• Enhances Executive Function
• Improves Brain Blood Flow
• Lowers Chronic Cortisol Levels
• Supports A More Balanced & Healthy Stress Response

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